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'Schiphol held back shrinkage report under pressure from KLM'
Exited driver dies on A27 after collision with lorry
Breakthrough in mysterious German murder case after 46 years
Weekly service 2/3: SP bids farewell to Lilian Marijnissen - Funeral of rapper Bigidagoe
Prices are rising in Paris on the way to the Games, but not everyone benefits
Russia sets the pace in Ukraine for now: 'War is going to be long'
Fashion icon Iris Apfel (102) died
Ambulance worker US 5 years in jail for death of arrestee
Death row inmate freed after 30 years by surfaced police photos
Doctors explore whether infusion can reduce pain of women with endometriosis
COA wrongly placed Algerian asylum seeker in austere reception facility
Monthly air alert will disappear next year, NL-Alert takes over
Posthumous Navalny creates biggest political rally in Russia in years
German police call on public to look out for fugitive RAF duo
'European alternatives to US internet services badly needed'
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