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'Early heat on Greek islands troubled tourists'
Persistent rain causes problems for farmers, vegetables possibly more expensive
Greek coast guard threw migrants into sea'
Pension fund ABP to build 1,500 rental homes in Randstad region
Prime Minister Netanyahu dissolves Israel war cabinet
Alderman pulls cars out of mud in Harlingen: 'This could not have been avoided'
Albert Heijn discontinues nameplates over aggression against staff
Hotly debated European Nature Restoration Act adopted after long time after all
Record opening for 'Inside Out 2' relief for Hollywood
Six cars burnt out in Tilburg
'Pesticides still to be found in remote areas, including protected areas'
Who gets which top job in Brussels? Decisive for direction in coming years
Fifteen killed in train crash in northeast India
Trial of journalist Gershkovich in Russia behind closed doors
No train traffic in Leeuwarden for three weeks: hours extra travel time
This page contains automated translations of Dutch news published by NOS. NOS is a Dutch broadcasting organisation that creates news, event, and sports programmes for television, radio, and online. NOS has the task of doing this for all inhabitants of the Netherlands, including those who cannot read or speak Dutch (well). The NOS editors work completely independently and autonomously from other agencies and the government.

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