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Three injured in accident on N34 in Drenthe, suspect arrested
Pupil injured in stabbing incident in Venlo, other pupil arrested
Amsterdam and surrounding areas end cooperation with failing Waternet
Mother abused girl allowed to visit only by arrangement
Europe in practice: appliances easier to repair
Heat record of 52.3 degrees in India, also power record due to use of air conditioners
Textile entrepreneur and sports financier Henk ten Hoor (83) died
Strong interest in pot of grass from Go Ahead Eagles stadium
Damage and injuries in shelling between Ukraine and Russia
Police clear school Eindhoven after argument with knife, perpetrator still wanted
1100 people evacuated due to dismantling WWII plane bomb in Rotterdam
'Doctor waste clinic sold prescriptions for Ozempic through Marketplace'
Hackers claim to have data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers in their hands
Wake-up call 30/5: Dismantling WWII bomb in Rotterdam - Informal NATO meeting
Patients and carers challenge State and insurers over long mental health waiting lists
This page contains automated translations of Dutch news published by NOS. NOS is a Dutch broadcasting organisation that creates news, event, and sports programmes for television, radio, and online. NOS has the task of doing this for all inhabitants of the Netherlands, including those who cannot read or speak Dutch (well). The NOS editors work completely independently and autonomously from other agencies and the government.

The original texts on which these translations are based were written in Dutch by the editors at NOS. Our editors are not responsible for any errors in the automated translations.

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