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Fugitive tantra masseur arrested in Portugal
NASA: object that pierced house in Florida is from ISS
Eight years in prison for man who drove family to death in Rotterdam
Cabinet maintains ban on cash payments above 3,000 euros
Afsluitdijk closed in both directions after fatal accident
Emirates and other Gulf states hit by severe weather
Cost of Binnenhof renovation rises to 'gigantic amount': €2 billion
Air defence is top priority, also for the Netherlands: 'buy extra Patriots'
Praise and visa for Frenchman who stopped knife attacker Sydney
Consumers' Association to court for access to Albert Heijn receipt errors
Formation negotiations resume, 'asylum debate on edge'
Different location Liberation Festival Alkmaar due to nesting spoonbills
Devastating fire in former Copenhagen stock exchange building
Greek journalists lay off work on eve of nationwide strike
Pressure increases on packaging industry to collect more plastic
This page contains automated translations of Dutch news published by NOS. NOS is a Dutch broadcasting organisation that creates news, event, and sports programmes for television, radio, and online. NOS has the task of doing this for all inhabitants of the Netherlands, including those who cannot read or speak Dutch (well). The NOS editors work completely independently and autonomously from other agencies and the government.

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