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At over 17 degrees, it is the hottest day on earth two days in a row
More profit for FrieslandCampina with less milk
Nearly 400 children in Europe and Central Asia to die from heat in 2021
Fine for farmer in Eersel illegally digging trenches for drainage
Dead in plane crash in Nepal, pilot only survivor
New Zealand prime minister announces apology for 200,000 abused youths
Germany bans 'Iranian-directed' Muslim organisation
'Godfather' of British blues John Mayall (Bluesbreakers) died
Going on holiday with alzheimer's can be done, 'but finding caravan back can be tricky'
Advice tightened: don't play in sea foam, but beachgoer doesn't know about it
Weekday 24/7: Schoof's working visit to Doetinchem - Netanyahu addresses US Congress
Taiwan braces for Hurricane Gaemi: businesses, schools and stock market closed
Secret Service asks Trump to stop holding events outside
Diemen municipality wants Amsterdam to end 'traffic jam'
Democratic senator Menendez convicted of fraud resigns
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