About NOS Lab
NOS is a Dutch public broadcaster that provides news, events and sports programmes. NOS broadcasts on television and radio, provides Teletext, and is active on several websites (including NOS.nl) and online channels.

This platform is part of a project within NOS Lab. At NOS Lab, we experiment with narrative forms and new techniques for the user of the future. We test and explore the latest platforms and technologies.

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About this experiment

The news articles on this platform are translated using automatic translation services. This means that the original Dutch articles are not translated by humans, but by an algorithm. An example of such an algorithm is Google Translate.

NOS Lab has opted for automatic translation in this experiment, because manually translating all NOS articles that are published daily would take a lot of time from the editors. While manual translations are often less error-prone and use more fluent language than machine translations, it's nearly impossible for editors to manually translate the stream of new news articles into multiple languages. A translation algorithm can translate an article into multiple languages within a few seconds, while a person would need several hours to do so. With this experiment we test to what extent an automatic translation service can meet the needs of non-Dutch speakers and enable them to follow the Dutch news well.

But how does such a translation algorithm work? The algorithms applied in this platform use artificial neural networks to translate words and texts. These networks are computer systems inspired by the human brain. Just like people use the brain to learn new things and get better at certain tasks, you can use a neural network to teach a machine and have it perform a specific task. The translation algorithms in this platform have learned to translate by processing large amounts of translations of words and texts. Whenever the algorithm encounters new translations of words or texts, the network adapts. This way, translation services can continue to improve.
This page contains automated translations of Dutch news published by NOS. NOS is a Dutch broadcasting organisation that creates news, event, and sports programmes for television, radio, and online. NOS has the task of doing this for all inhabitants of the Netherlands, including those who cannot read or speak Dutch (well). The NOS editors work completely independently and autonomously from other agencies and the government.

The original texts on which these translations are based were written in Dutch by the editors at NOS. Our editors are not responsible for any errors in the automated translations.

Do you want to help us improve this platform and future experiments by sharing your opinions on this platform and its translations? Click here for a short survey about your experience as a user.